Experience Independence

An Introduction to Independence


Independence is a 65ft Macgregor Luxury Sailing Yacht

The MacGregor 65 is designed for worldwide cruising and chartering, and is the best selling large yacht in the history of sailing. It is one of the few production yachts eligible for the American Bureau of Shipping’s +A1 rating and for Coast Guard certification. It is also one of the fastest production sailing yachts, under sail or power.

The MacGregor 65' is widely considered to be one of the fastest and most beautiful sailing yachts ever built. Take the helm and feel the speed as you cruise through the ocean waves.

sailing-salem-independenceDeep luxurious cockpit.

sailing-salem-independenceMain salon with two sleeping berths and dining for eight.

Sailing Performance

The relatively small, easily handled sail plan will drive the boat at speeds that no other cruising boat and very few large racing machines, can match. In winds of 15 knots, the 65 can sail at over 11 knots, and speeds of over 25 knots can be reached in strong winds. The boat can exceed 9 knots sailing to weather.

The low, Streamlined profile gives low windage, which greatly increases the speed of the boat when sailing or powering into the wind.


Performance as a Powerboat

The 150 h.p. diesel will drive the 65 at 10.5 knots. (the 65’s keel limits this unmerciful rolling. It well may be one of the most efficient and comfortable oceangoing power boats available.) The Combination of the mainsail and engine will yield phenomenal speed, with virtually no rolling. The 65’s cockpit is deep and luxurious, with seats and backrests that really fit the passengers.


Are you ready to experience Independence?